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Allen & Ginter Baseball Cards

Baseball cards aren't just for kids anymore, nor are the subjects related only to baseball. Topps, Upper Deck, and many other sport card manufacturers have created presidential cards. Here are some cards that honor Abraham Lincoln from Allen & Ginter.

The Allen & Ginter baseball cards created by Topps in 2006, look like the late 1800s tobacco cards that inspired the series. The picture on the front of the cards looks like a painting. They really are beautiful old-school looking cards.

Abraham Lincoln Printing Plate (2006)
Abraham Lincoln Base Card (2006)
DNA Relic Card: Hair Cut (2010)
DNA Relic Card: Hair Cut (2009)
DNA Relic Card: Hair Cut (2008)
Fabulous Face Flocculence - FFF (2011)
Mini Cards
Cabinet Card: Gettysburg (2008)
Cabinet Card: Lincoln and Grant (2009)
Cabinet Card: Yosemite (2011)
US Relic: Illinois (2011)


Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln Printing Plate (2006)

Topps Allen & Ginter Printing Plate Cards are highly collectible. They contain one of the printing plates that were used to produce the Allen & Ginter base sets. There is one printing plate for each color used to produce the cards, so there may be several printing plate cards available for a single card design. But because each plate is unique in that it was used for a particular color, each is numbered 1/1.

This Allen & Ginter printing plate card for the Abraham Lincoln series sold on eBay in August 2009, for $202.49.

2006 Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln printing plate



Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln Base Card (2006)

The Abraham Lincoln card in the 2006 Allen & Ginter base set is card 328.

2006 Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln 328


Abraham Lincoln DNA Relic Card (2010)

The 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter set continues the tradition of DNA cards. Lincoln's DNA is in the form of a strand of hair in a frame. There are 10 DNA cards in the set. All are 1:1. The Lincoln card is DNA-AL.


Abraham Lincoln DNA Relic Card (2009)

The 2009 Topps Allen & Ginter card set includes a 1 of 1 card that features a strand of Abraham Lincoln's hair. The Lincoln card is one of ten DNA cards inserted at 1:186000, making the Lincoln card almost a 1 in 2 million pull.

This Abraham Lincoln DNA card was listed on eBay by slappyesu on October 1, 2009. It was listed with a start price of $4,999 with a Buy It Now option of $14,999, but it didn't sell. It was listed again 12 days later for an opening bid of $3,000 with a Buy It Now of $10,000--with no sale. On October 27, 2009, it was listed for auction again with a reserve price, with a Buy It Now option of $9,999. Fifteen bidders put the price up to $2,085 in a series of 37 bids, but it did not sell because the reserve price was not met.

2009 Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln DNA hair relic card 2009 Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln card


How does Lincoln compare to King George III? Looks like George had a bit more hair to spare for this card. Still, it fetched a price perhaps a bit shy for a king: $1375 on eBay on October 3, 2009, having been relisted after the first bidder didn't pay for it.

2009 Allen & Ginter DNA relic King George III hair


Abraham Lincoln DNA Relic Card (2008)

The first Abraham Lincoln Allen & Ginter DNA hair clipping relic card came out in 2008. It sold on eBay for over $6,000.

2008 Allen & Ginter Abrham Lincoln DNA hair relic 2008 Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln DNA relic card


Abraham Lincoln Fabulous Face Flocculence - FFF (2011)

Allen & Ginter's Fabulous Face Flocculence (FFF) series of 2011 features famous beard types and the men who wore them. Card number FFF1 is "The Lincoln," the mustache-less beard made famous by Abraham Lincoln.

The Lincoln FFF Allen & Ginter

Lincoln's contemporaries Charles Darwin (FFF5: The Darwin) and Ambrose Burnside (FFF8: Burnside's Sideburns) are also featured in the series.



Abraham Lincoln Mini Cards

Mini cards are inserted into each Allen & Ginter pack. They are the same size as the original Allen & Ginter cards (that is, those made before Topps acquired the Allen & Ginter brand): 1-15/32" x 2-11/16".

The mini cards use the same design as the base cards. However, the backs of the cards have variations. Lucky collectors can find rare 1/1 minis printed on wood; these are found only in hobby boxes.

The 2013 Peacemakers set includes a mini insert featuring Abraham Lincoln.

2013 Peacemakers



Historical Battles: Gettysburg (2008)

Historical Battles (card HB3) Battle of Gettysburg is a cabinet boxloader that features Generals George Meade and Robert E. Lee.

Allen & Ginter Cabinet Boxloader HB3 Meade Lee


Check it out! Here is an Allen & Ginter's silk from 1890 picturing General Meade. A set of Civil War silks were distributed with Richmond Straight Cut No. 1 cigarettes.

1890 Allen & Ginter General George Meade



South Concedes War (2009)

The Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant base card images are incorporated into this cabinet boxloader from 2009 (card CB9): South Concedes War.

2009 Allen & Ginter Cabinet Boxloader Abraham Lincoln Ulysses S. Grant


Yosemite National Park (2011)

The 2011 Allen & Ginter National Parks cabinet card issues acknowledges Abraham Lincoln's role in establishing Yosemite National Park. Card CB8 shows Abraham Lincoln and John Conness. Conness was the Senator from California, who introduced a bill to set aside a huge portion of land for the future enjoyment of the citizens. The bill was introduced on May 17, 1864, and signed by Lincoln on June 30, 1864. The Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias were ceded to the state of California.

Lincoln Yosemite baseball cabinet card

The 1887-2011 designation on the card is a mystery to some. The first national park in the United States was Yellowstone, established in 1872. Yosemite became a national park in 1890. For baseball card collectors, the year 1887 marks the debut of Allen & Ginter's N28 tobacco cards. The set included world champions who were "base ball players," pugilists (boxers), oarsmen, rifle shooters, wrestlers, billiard players, and pool players. No politicians.



Illinois State Relic (2011)

The 2011 U.S. Relics set from Allen & Ginter includes cards for all 50 states, each numbered to 50. The Illinois card (AGUS-IL) is a boxtop insert that includes "wood from a dam in Old Salem where a young Lincoln would tie up his flatboat." That's interesting, since Lincoln tied up flatboats in New Salem.

Allen & Ginter Abraham Lincoln in Illinois



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