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Abraham Lincoln on Famous Fabrics Ink Baseball Cards

Baseball cards aren't just for kids anymore, nor are the subjects related only to baseball. Topps, Upper Deck, and many other sport card manufacturers have created presidential cards. Here are some cards that feature Abraham Lincoln from Famous Fabrics Ink products.

Civil War (2012)
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW (2012)

Civil War: Abraham Lincoln (2012)

The Civil War Art baseball cards series is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. Each card is hand-drawn, making each card unique. There are 10 of each card in the product; each is numbered. They come in collector's cases with notations that include the series name and card number.

There were only 150 boxes made for the Civil War set. (They list for about $1300-1400 on eBay.) Each box contains one 1/1 cut signatures, one original Art card, and four base cards.

Famous Fabrics Civil War box


This is the Abaham Lincoln card from the Famous Fabrics website.

Abraham Lincoln Famous Fabrics baseball card


There are 15 Civil War Art cards in the Civil War series:

  Abraham Lincoln
  George Armstrong Custer
  George Gordon Meade
  George Pickett
  J.E.B. Stuart
  James Longstreet
  Jefferson Davis
  John Buford
  John F. Reynolds
  Joseph Hooker
  Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
  Richard S. Ewell
  Robert E. Lee
  Ulysses S. Grant
  Winfield Scott Hancock


There are also 150 1/1 cut signature cards in the Civil War set. Number 1 is Abraham Lincoln.

There are 15 cards in the base card checklist, with most commemorating battles. Number 15 is the Gettysburg Address.

Gettysburg Address Famous Fabrics
photo from eBay seller u2** (see other listings from u2**)

The Gettysburg Address card shown here sold on eBay in August 2013 for $_____ [listing 360713812720]



1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW: Abraham Lincoln (February 2012)

The 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW set highlights, of course, the White House. Each box has two cut signatures and four base cards. Of the two cut signatures per box, one is from the Presidential Cut Series and one is from the Non-Presidents cuts (which includes running mates--yes, Hannibal Hamlin) and some pretty cool dual signatures including presidential couples--sorry, no Lincoln with First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln).

Boxes are listed on eBay starting at $1500.

1600 Pennsylvania Ave box Famous Fabrics


This is the Abraham Lincoln cut signature baseball card from the Famous Fabrics website. There are up to three cut signatures for each President in the cut signature cards, but there is only one for Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln cut signature Famous Fabrics

These Non-President cut signature cards in the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW series relate to Abraham Lincoln:

  Famous Fabrics Card Category
  William Henry Seward

Cabinet Members

  William P. Fessenden Cabinet Members
  Hugh McCulloch Cabinet Members
  Hannibal Hamlin Vice Presidents
  Robert Todd Lincoln White House Kids

See also: Lincoln cabinet members and Hannibal Hamlin articles


The 96 base card set includes Abraham Lincoln (Presidents 15--because George Washington is a redemption card so the series starts with 1 John Adams), and Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln (Presidential Couples 16). Though there are base cards for Presidential Pets, Lincoln dog Fido did not make the series. Each card is serially numbered to 10.

Here is the Abraham Lincoln base card:

Abraham Lincoln baseball card Famous Fabrics
photo from eBay seller moviecollectible (see other listings from moviecollectible)

The 15/42 (4/10) Abraham Lincoln card shown here sold on eBay in August 2013 for $_____ [listing 111127715470]




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