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Abraham Lincoln Autographs on Baseball Cards

Baseball cards aren't just for kids anymore, nor are the subjects related only to baseball. Topps, Upper Deck, and many other sport card manufacturers have created presidential cards. Here are some cards that feature Abraham Lincoln's autograph.

Leaf: Oval Office (2012)

Razor: Presidential Poker (2007)

Upper Deck: Hair Cut Signatures (2008)
Upper Deck: A Piece of History - Hair Cuts (2008)
Upper Deck: Signs of History (2008)
Upper Deck: Prominent Cuts (2009)
Upper Deck: Presidential Emblem Cut Signature (2011)

Topps: Heritage American Heroes (2009)
Topps: Presidential Plates (2009)
Topps: American Treasures (2004)

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Leaf: Oval Office Cut Signature (February 2012)

Some info. The series features the cut signatures of every US President. It also included dual signature cards featuring many presidents and a counterpart. Each card was numbered to 5 or less and featured an image of the signer. The production was announced to go just 250 boxes but the final number could be lower because the production run was to be based on sales of the 2011 Leaf Pop Century series. Each box contained one cut signature card.

This is the example auto cut from the Leaf sales sheet with their disclaimer that "actual card styles may differ after production."

Abraham Lincoln Leaf Oval Office

In fact, the card did differ as you can tell from this listing by eBay seller twizeldmotorsports18. As of August 2013, the card is listed at $39,000 or best offer, with 15 offers declined since the end of June 2013. The signature comes from a document dated January 16, 1862. It is in a Beckett slab graded as Hard to Find.

Abraham Lincoln auto cut baseball card Abraham Lincoln Leaf Oval Office

Abraham Lincoln baseball card


Cut signature cards featuring Abraham Lincoln are:

  Card Number #'d to n
  Abraham Lincoln OOS 16 1
  George Washington / Abraham Lincoln OOD 01 1
  Abraham Lincoln / Hannibal Hamlin OOD 06 1
  Abraham Lincoln / Mary Todd Lincoln OOD 26 1

OOS is Oval Office Singles; OOD is Oval Office Doubles




Razor: Presidential Poker (2007)

This 1/1 Razor Presidential Poker autograph cut of Abraham Lincoln sold on eBay by seller scott568. Fourteen bidder competed for the card, casting 49 bids. The winning bid was $7,100 on November 14, 2009. The card was graded by Beckett as a 7. The signature on the card was graded a 9.

2007 Razor Presidential Poker Abraham Lincoln autographed baseball card



Upper Deck: SP Legendary Cuts "Hair Cut Signatures" (2008)

Upper Deck Abraham Lincoln hair cut card

The Upper Deck 2008 SP Legendary Cuts "Hair Cut Signatures" Abraham Lincoln card (HCS-AL) is the most beautiful auto cut card I've ever seen. (Yes, this is me holding this gem!) Graphically, it is well executed, with an image of Lincoln set in black and white, with gold trim, to create a vintage look. The autograph is nicely framed and is one of the rarer Lincoln autographs. He signed his full name rather than the typical abbreviated "A. Lincoln."

The Lincoln hair cut card features a small cut of Lincoln's hair as well as a cut of his signature. The card was listed by eBay seller beckettmedia for $21,400 and sold in May 2009, via an offer of $17,500.

2008 Upper Deck HCS-AL Abraham Lincoln auto cut

2008 Upper Deck Abraham Lincoln SP Lendary Cuts

Watch this video below (from the Wall Street Journal) starting at the 2:20 mark for a small segment on Abraham Lincoln's hair from the collection of John Reznikoff.

Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts also include an auto cut signature from Mary Lincoln in the Mystery Cuts series.

Mary typically identified herself as Mrs. A. Lincoln (Lincoln's typical signature was A. Lincoln). The Mary Lincoln First Lady card is 1/1. As of August 2013, seller aitx has this Mary Lincoln Mystery Cut card listed for $6,999 or best offer, with three offers declined or expired since February 2012.



Upper Deck: A Piece of History - Hair Cuts (2008)

Upper Deck card HC-AL is a Hair Cut card featuring a very small hair (looks like the size of an eyelash!) from Abraham Lincoln. eBay seller s-c-debate stated in his April 2010 Abraham Lincoln Hair Cuts listing that two of the cards had been redeemed, with his being for sale. The Buy It Now price is $10,000 or best offer. Since that time (as of April, 2012) the seller has received 20 offers. The seller has let all but three of them expire (the others being declined). [Update August 2013: The price listed is $14,000 or best offer. Not known when the seller changed the price.]

In April 2012, another Abraham Lincoln Hair Cuts card (with redemption card) came onto the eBay market, listed by DasCardHaus for $8,500 or best offer. Shortly after listing, a single prospective buyer made three offers, all of which were declined. (eBay only allows three offers from a single user.)

Upper Deck Abraham Lincoln hair cut

Upper Deck Abraham Lincoln relic card


Upper Deck: Signs of History (2008)

The Upper Deck Signs of History series included redemption cards. Collectors finding one of these cards could enter a code online to see which presidential signature cut card they'd won. Signs of History has two cards that pertain to Abraham Lincoln, both numbered 1 of 1. The first is a single signature; the second is part of a "Mount Rushmore" quad-signature card. The Lincoln signatures on both cards is a little odd: It's followed by some other piece of writing, which I've never seen on a Lincoln document.

Upper Deck Signs of History Abraham Lincoln

The Mount Rushmore card contains the "signatures" of the four presidents depicted on Mt. Rushmore. From left to right, when facing the monument, you would see George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

On the Mt. Rushmore Signs of History card, Lincoln is paired with a man he read about in Weem's Life of Washington. Washington's signature isn't really a signature, though. Perhaps Washington did write his name in this cut--which looks to be from a receipt or a promisory not--but it is not his signature. (Click to see a sample of George Washington's signature from handwriting.org.)

Upper Deck Signs of History Mount Rushmore Lincoln

Upper Deck Signs of History Mt Rushmore

The Mount Rushmore card was listed on eBay for $125,000 or best offer. (As of early October 2009, five offers from three would-be buyers have been declined since the card was listed as an eBay Stores item on April 7, 2009.)

Update August 2013: The Mt. Rushmour cut signature card is on eBay listed by profit_monster for $75,000 or best offer [290950661659]. Five offers have been decined since July 2013; perhaps that is when it was relisted.


Upper Deck: Prominent Cuts (2009)

An Abraham Lincoln autograph cut is on card PC-HABE in the 2009 Upper Deck Prominent Cuts set. It is a 1/1 card. This design isn't as polished as some have been--the 1/1 marking looks like a hand-written after-thought and the cut insert is a little hurried (especially when compared to the nicely-framed Ronald Reagan auto cut).

Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Abraham Lincoln PC-HABE

Upper Deck Ronald Reagan auto cut

The Abraham Lincoln Prominent Cuts card was listed on February 15, 2011, for $7,995 or best offer by eBay seller sun-city-sport-collections. The seller has gotten 20 offers as of September 3, 2011.

Prominent Cuts was introduced by Upper Deck in November 2009. The standard set was announced as 90 cards, but appears to have been revised to 60 cards: 22 politicians, 12 celebrities, and 26 sports icons. Each pack contained a cut signature (available as singles, duals, and quads), an autograph, or a celebrity memorabilia card. Celebrities include Hollywood entertainers, athletes (including MMA stars--i.e., Mixed Martial Arts), and historical figures. Cut signatures were inserted one per box.

Upper Deck Prominent Cuts 2009


A great surprise in this set is an auto cut by Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Upper Deck Prominent Cuts Harriet Beecher Stowe



Upper Deck: SP Legendary Cuts "Presidential Emblem Cut Signatures" (2011)

Card 16 of the 2011 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts "Presidential Emblem Cut" is a four-sided booklet card. It is 1/1. The following pictures came from eBay seller havana_lime, who listed the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Emblem auto cut card for $15,000 or best offer. Since the listing started on August 10, 2011, the seller has gotten six offers (as of September 2, 2011).

The front of the card indicates that this Abraham Lincoln is 1 of 1.

2011 Upper Deck Lincoln signature relic card


Opening the booklet, of course, reveals two card panels.

Upper Deck Abraham Lincoln signature

Upper Deck Cut Signatures 2011


The signature panel includes the common "A. Lincoln" signature, clipped from a document dated July 29, 1862.

Presidential Emblem Cut Signatures Lincoln 2011


The back of the autograph cut card indicates that it is number 16 in the series. It says, "Lincoln, 'The Great Emancipator,' guided the country through the difficulties of the Civil War, only to be struck down by the assassin's bullet shortly after the war ended."

2011 Upper Deck Abraham Lincoln signature relic card


Topps Heritage: American Heroes (2009)

Full Cut Signature with Office Wood Relic

The Topps Heritage American Heroes collection includes several short print cards and the big prize: an 1/1 Abraham Lincoln cut signature (AHSR-AL), featuring a full signature rather than the more common "A. Lincoln." It also includes a relic of wood from Lincoln's law office. [Someone told me the card sold in February 2009 for $11,000. I have not substantiated that claim.]

Abraham Lincoln Topps cut signature card 2009


Short Cut Signature with Home Wood Relic

A similar Abraham Lincoln auto cut card with a shorter signature and wood from his home was on eBay. On December 12, 2009, the card was listed at $19,995 or best offer. The seller, jenniferscards, relisted the card on December 17 as an auction with a starting price of one Lincoln cent. Eighteen bidders cast 20 bids and it sold on December 27 for $7,700 + $37.50 for express shipping.

As of March 2010, the Lincoln cut signature with home wood is listed for $19,995.95 or best offer by a different seller: wwwdanscardzcom. Oh, and another $84 for overnight shipping.

As you can see, this does not look like an autograph. Rather, it looks to be a clipping of Lincoln's name that he wrote as part of a larger paragraph.

2009 Topps American Heroes Abraham Lincoln auto cut card


Short Cut Signature without a Relic

There is also an auto cut card with Abraham Lincoln's shorter signature and no wood relic, AHS-AL. It is 1/1. Like the shorter signature with the wood relic from Lincoln's home, this does not look like an autograph. Again, it appears to be a clipping of Abraham Lincoln's name that he wrote as part of a larger paragraph.

2009 Topps American Heritage Abraham Lincoln autograph

2009 Topps American Heritage AHS-AL

The AHS-AL Lincoln auto cut 1/1 card practically lives on eBay. The card has sold multiple times but has been relisted again and again by seller paulsmith914. It was listed on September 14, 2009, for $17,499 or best offer, with the seller declining three offers. On December 12, 2009, it was listed for $12,499. It sold in an auction on January 11, 2010, with one bid for $5,4999.99. The bidder must have been a deadbeat, because it was listed by the same seller again and sold on January 31, 2010, for $4,050.00. The seller started that auction at 99 cents and got 73 bids from 20 bidders. However, the bid history shows that the winner is no longer a registered user, so he was a deadbeat, too.

This is one unlucky seller. He listed it again and in the listing description, said it was being listed for the third time because of non-paying bidders. At a starting bid of 99 cents, the listing got 23 bidders who cast 48 bids. The 2009 American Heritage Abraham Lincoln cut signature card sold again on February 28, 2010, for $4651.02. Once again the bid history shows that the bidder (who was newly registered at the time) is no longer a registered user--kicked off of eBay. Be on the lookout for it; it's bound to come up soon.




Topps Presidential Plates (2009)

The 2009 Presidential Plates series by Topps is a set of presidential signature images engraved into a plate that looks like a bat barrel. The effect is rather interesting but calling these signature cards is a stretch.

The 1/1 parallel version of the card is on a black plate. It was originally listed on eBay as a Buy It Now for $899 but had no takers. The seller then made it an auction listing and it sold on February 6, 2010, for $255. In August 2013, seller quantumroe listed the black plate card for $299.

Topps Presidential Plates parallel card of Abraham Lincoln

The Lincoln Presidential Plate baseball card in this set (PP-16) is pulled 1:264 packs or 1 in 11 boxes. The Abraham Lincoln card sold on eBay December 12, 2009, for $78.79. Listed at the same time was an Abraham Lincoln PP-16 at a starting price of $89 and a Buy It Now price of $99.

2009 Topps Presidential Plates Abraham Lincoln baseball card

2009 Topps PP-16 Abraham Lincoln baseball card

Another sold on eBay on January 2, 2010, for $66.00. Still another sold via eBay auction on January 20, 2010, for $54.13.



Topps American Treasures Signature Cut Card (2004)

AT-AL is the Topps American Treasures signature cut card with an Abraham Lincoln autograph (auto cut). From the 2004 Topps Baseball Series 1. The1/1 short print (SP) was sold by wolverine24 for $12,277.77 on eBay, August 13, 2009.

Topps American Treasures Abraham Lincoln signature card

Topps American Treasures Abraham Lincoln card



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